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        • It’s generally accepted the Nazi swastika was the ‘left-facing’ one, as that was the one most commonly used.

          Not that it still doesn’t lead to massive confusion any time someone encounters the still-considered-a-holy-symbol rightward-facing version of the symbol outside a country where it’s common.

        • There is the Soup Nazi from “Seinfeld” so the term has lost its punch.

          Also, if you look at the Far East, Buddhists are far from pacifistic.

  1. I tried tracing one of those lines, and started going in circles for a while, and then ended up back where I started.

    At least the one for bush is easy enough to track.

    • There was an episode of an old brittish cartoon where a clown took over the world by legally changing his name to Mark X Here, and running for world leader.

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