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  1. Don’t worry Llewellyn, you will have one but it won’t be found out for 18 months and all the while the loser remains in office. (Think Bush over Al Gore.)

  2. I’m not looking forward to the inevitable “How horrible Bush won!” comics coming up…but, I’m sure they’ll be funny and well drawn, anyway.

    • Eh, think in terms of reading Walt Kelly’s “Pogo” which was pretty much in the same vein. Judging from some early strips on this series I suspect that Mr. Kelly was a role model for Dana Both Walt and Dana are different from Garry Trudeau in 2 very important regards. Unlike Mr. Trudeau both have talent and *very* unlike Mr. Trudeau they actually have a sense of humor. 😛

  3. I remember that it was only Florida that had the recount. (It wasn’t even the closest election by state.) The US Supreme Court ruled that there were no voting irregularities.

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