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  1. Geez, Dana, I don’t think I’ve seen a comic artist more hostilely anti-Republican since Gary Trudeau. I love the comic, but really, 516 strips in and it’s gotten annoying. You really, REALLY hate Bush, we get it.

  2. What I find annoying is someone who feel they dislike a strip enough to do a complainathon – when it would be much easier just to stop reading. Moreso when the strip you are bashing is based on a current event (in 2000) that you obviously do not remember.

    Personally I love Ozzy and Millie, it is one of my favorite strips of all time, and over the last decade I have read through them all about 5-6 times.

  3. Personally I like the political strips and being amazed at how much they are still relevant today. I mean, if these were still published in the newspaper today, just substitute a few names and they’re current events.

  4. What: defaming that pure genius, that paragon of reason and bipartisanship that was George W. Bush?

    (or so it seems from here…. how far have we fallen?) 7X=Q

  5. I honestly don’t understand the Bush hate either. I’ll admit I was pretty young when he was in office but seriously, the complaining did get old. I know this strip is old and I could stop reading but…I still really like the strip for the most part. Sometimes it’s not very simple to stop enjoying something when it’s only a few aspects you don’t like

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