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  1. Geez, Dana, I don’t think I’ve seen a comic artist more hostilely anti-Republican since Gary Trudeau. I love the comic, but really, 516 strips in and it’s gotten annoying. You really, REALLY hate Bush, we get it.

  2. What I find annoying is someone who feel they dislike a strip enough to do a complainathon – when it would be much easier just to stop reading. Moreso when the strip you are bashing is based on a current event (in 2000) that you obviously do not remember.

    Personally I love Ozzy and Millie, it is one of my favorite strips of all time, and over the last decade I have read through them all about 5-6 times.

    • Fake quotes and fake videos of people saying things they never did are a dime a dozen. If Simpson really thought Bush said that, he/she has egg on his/her face.

  3. Personally I like the political strips and being amazed at how much they are still relevant today. I mean, if these were still published in the newspaper today, just substitute a few names and they’re current events.

  4. What: defaming that pure genius, that paragon of reason and bipartisanship that was George W. Bush?

    (or so it seems from here…. how far have we fallen?) 7X=Q

  5. I honestly don’t understand the Bush hate either. I’ll admit I was pretty young when he was in office but seriously, the complaining did get old. I know this strip is old and I could stop reading but…I still really like the strip for the most part. Sometimes it’s not very simple to stop enjoying something when it’s only a few aspects you don’t like

  6. There was a webcomic called “I Drew This” which Simpson drew during the Bush Presidency, basically saying how bad the Bush administration was and how conservatives are stupid and evil while liberals are enlightened and noble. It didn’t even get mentioned in TV Tropes like everything else by Simpson did. Though Dana Simpson called “Raine Dog” her most maligned webcomic, at least it had its fans who wanted it continued. All “I Drew This” did was rehash liberal talking points in a boring way. Even fellow liberals probably weren’t impressed.

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