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    • Since it’s a world of anthropomorphic animals, his last name would be Einswine, like a pig!

    • Actually, air’s completely seethrough.

      Oh, and I’m pretty sure the other answers are “Bruce,” “because Hawaii is in space,” “C. S. Fortester,” “simultaneously,” and “yes, but only in Asia.”

      • Air isn’t remotely completely seethrough… it’s just that we only have receptors for wavelengths that pass through it readily, because others would be kind of useless.

        • Actually it’s because air is too thin. As are most gasses. You can compare this to liquids. Water appears sea through, but when it is in a large mass like the ocean you can see its blue hue. Air also has colour, you just need enough of it. Fog is white, but at a short distance it is see through, same reason. Get rekt you scrublord.

          • There is no reason to call anyone a “scrublord” on this forum, especially if you cannot even spell “wrecked” correctly.

  1. Theres a reason every panel with Millie asking a stupid question has a clock in the background. That class runs pretty long.

    • I expect that it depends on what kind of potato salad. If with mayonnaise: well, we’re told not to freeze mayonnaise but I don’t know what happens to it when it thaws, but should the egg part separate back from the oil, that would be pretty drastic! Freezing one made instead with vinaigrette should be OK, though the thawed potatoes might lack crunch.

  2. Luke: May I ask a stupid question?
    Ravi: There are NO stupid questions!
    Luke: Is New Delhi where lunch meat comes from?
    Ravi: I stand corrected
    -Disney Channel’s “Jessie”

  3. Clear
    Because explodes too much and in space
    My teddy bear
    Waaaaaaaaay after
    Only if you drizzle with liquidized purple sea monkeys at 56:04 am on Thursday,
    Flizzie 45 when cheese.

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