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  1. So one shall be implying that the cosmos of the comic is based on a different planet entirely? Does the latter – as in Earth – know of Ozy and Millie’s society?

    • It might be just a statement along the lines of “What color is the sky on your planet?” The implication being that he wants things to go back to normal levels of crazy.

  2. if they’re not on earth tight now, then i want to be one of the first to hug them before dashing their thoughts on it being any better here

  3. its funny how people are taking this out of context and thinking they are literary not on earth…

  4. Just like soviet Russia, earth is an interesting place to visit, but you wouldn’t want to live there.

  5. Of course, not showing up might be an improvement over some people’s performance in those debates.

  6. Explanation: Llewellyn’s being the most popular candidate is weird and unexpected, so while they are on earth, Llewellyn makes fun of the fact that it seems unlikely to happen on earth.

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