Ozy And Millie: Vegetarian backlash

The original artwork for this strip is available for purchase.

Notes: The original is black-and-white — color was added digitally after scanning.

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  1. Something I’ve always wondered: how exactly does meat consumption work in this comic’s universe? Even cows have been demonstrated to be treated like people, so who or what is getting eaten?

  2. I’m guessing either predation is considered acceptable as long as it’s not somebody you know, as in Keven and Kell, or there is a division of sentient and nonsentient animal life with somewhat similar appearance but enough visible difference to tell which one you are hunting, as in Narnia.

  3. Is it me? Or does Millie’s dye her unnatural hair colours? Because before she had dark purple hair… Now it’s bright blue

  4. My take on this is that Millie’s mom isn’t a vegetarian, she was just in the mood for vegetarian soup.

    Concerning where meat comes from, I’m guessing that there’s some animals that aren’t fully sentient. Goats maybe? I don’t think I’ve seen any goats in the strip.

    • Actually I just found Ozy’s family reunion arc, (where Isolde first appeared) and it was a goat that gave him the dragon hatchling haircut.

      So my new theory is that when someone dies, they can have it in their will to have their bodies sent to a meat processing plant, provided they didn’t die of some horrible disease that’ll infect the meat.

    • *Sapient.

      Technically, ‘sentient’ means ‘having senses’. Some definitions say ‘capable of experiencing the world through sensation AND subjective thought’, which is more debatable, though.

      Back on topic, humans see no ethical problem in eating other animals because we believe that our lives have more inherent value than theirs. In the world of this comic, animals of various species seem to exist with little discrimination based on species. However, as seen in an earlier strip, there still seems to be a bias against homosexuals, so quite obviously, the carnivores are allowed to pick from members of the LGBT community.

    • The lunch ladies should be goats because they’ll just about anything, just like how lunch ladies will cook just about anything.

  5. if these animals can prey on eachother then you’d think jeremy would be nicer to ozy because eventually he’s going to be able to eat him

  6. i honestly think there are non-sentient animals (like in Narnia). It would even explain the Caligula reference

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