25 comments for “Ozy And Millie

  1. Oh if only we knew back then… I swear if Donald Trump actually WINS, I’m either making my own micro-nation, or heading for the nearest border…

  2. That’s not a baby step, it goes all the way back to sanity. And that could be said if Uncle Alistar was the canidate.

  3. *a toupeé pokes up from behind the table*
    “I’m BAA-AAACK!!!”

    Message to those reading in 2018–
    Is this the United States of Canada yet? If so, is my healthcare free yet?!? Hiding in a Trumpbunker don’t pay beans, man!
    Olé, eh?

    • Well, we’re not quite there yet (although the USC is a tempting possibility): but I fear 2018 may be too late… 7X=Q

  4. Just trying to imagine Donald Trump as an animal now…

    …I feel like he would be a llama.

    Also 2018 ain’t too bad, the apocalypse hasn’t happened yet, but evacuating to Canada is still a good idea.

    • What job? He failed on most of what he promised, and only delivered on the most stupid and destructive parts.

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