Ozy And Millie: Information wants to be free

The original artwork for this strip is available for purchase.

Notes: The original is black-and-white — color and other special effects (as in panel 4) were added digitally after scanning. Small white-out corrections in panel 1.

  14 comments for “Ozy And Millie: Information wants to be free

  1. But dump “Che” he was a doctor turned murderer. There are better models like Elizabeth Katy Stanton or even Daniel Shey.

      • Hard to get extremely wealthy without being at least a little bit of a villain; the qualities of a good CEO essentially line up with the markers of being a sociopath. But I agree that Che is not much of a role model.

        • Consider the frame before and the quote in the frame with Che. He’s the logical choice, not because of his actions but because of his image.

        • Well, yes…but this is STEPHAN, don’t forget. He may be a computer whiz, but he’s about as socially astute as the average tree-stump

    • Look on the bright side: the murderous piece of (bleep) is hopefully spinning in his shallow grave over how commercialized his image has become.

  2. By delivering pizzas. That’s how a lot of “artists” I’ve known have kept their bills paid.

    • A lot of webcomic artists just live off donations. It’s more honest than subscriptions, and your audience will stay fairly loyal because they’re not overpaying (unless they want to).

  3. A the joys of being a young computer nerd at the turn of the millennium. I remember those days, when the future was so bright.

    Come to think of it, I was actually around the same age as the characters in this comic at the time.

    • The future was bright when I was their age, too. We were just about to land on the Moon, and I was sure Mars would be soon afterwards. By now I would have thought we’d be settling the Solar System.

      • Five years later and Mars is now within our reach, exciting times! Maybe the rest of the solar system will be in our reach also in the not too distant future, there’s hope still. 🙂

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