7 comments for “Ozy And Millie: A debate ensues

  1. They argued for so long, they forgot what they were arguing about? I did the same thing once. I think.

  2. When attempting to pull the old duck season-rabbit season trick, always remember to give up after the switch is made.

    • A depressingly large number, I suspect. The Hundred Years’ War for sure, since the people who started it were all long dead by the time it ended. Then there’s the American Civil War, where both sides ended up retconning their cassus belli before the war was even over.

  3. My favourite sort of those disputes is the one in which you swap sides halfway through – these can be really mind blowing
    Though, for that to work, both sides need to be interested more in finding the truth rather than defending their point of view. Or really, really easily distracted

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