Ozy And Millie: Getting attention

The original artwork for this strip is available for purchase.

Notes: The original is black-and-white — color was added digitally after scanning. Small white-out correction in panel 3.

  13 comments for “Ozy And Millie: Getting attention

      • Muzak, capital M, is a distributor of the inoffensive music played in retail establishments according to my Web search. lowercase M, see below

        • Fun fact: John Cage’s famous “4:33” consisted of four minutes and thirty-three minutes of silence because that was the maximum capacity of the original Muzak records.

    • muzak is that endlessly repetitive stuff you get in elevators and on hold that quietly repeats itself forever. In short, music designed to provide noise and be inoffensive, and quiet enough you jump every time the recording says “Your call is important to us. Please hold for the next available operator”

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