19 comments for “Ozy And Millie: Two-tone perception disease

  1. I have certainly seen that particular syndrome in the USA, and it is growing. The worst part is such people want to rule the USA—turn it into the Holy American Empire.

    • You don’t have to be religious to think guns are bad 😛 I’m a Christian, but my stance on the matter has nothing to do with it, my like my beliefs on abortion and gay marriage.

  2. Well there is a difference between not liking guns and wanting to ban all guns, but the government doesn’t see that. They want to ban them all and go door to door collecting them.

  3. It’s funny how our Politicians seem to become more Polarized by the day while only being slightly Left or Right of Center.

  4. “The worst part is such people want to rule the USA—turn it into the Holy American Empire.”

    Oh man, the irony…

    And Dana, your liberalism is showing. But then, at least you admit it, which I can at least respect.

    • That particular statement is not ironic if it’s true. And there are plenty of people who *openly* want just that (as in, can’t be interpreted as saying anything else), because they don’t realize that church and state are supposed to be separated, constitutionally-speaking.

      They happen to be one of those shades of gray Ozy was talking about.

      • “That particular statement is not ironic if it’s true.”

        The key word is “if”. There’s less difference between Avery and many of our leftist friends then some of those leftist friends realize. 😛

  5. I love this comic because even sixteen years later it’s causing arguments in the comments. I hope someday I can create something timelessly inflammatory.

  6. Most folks are more central than their elected officials; the problem is that said officials consider the people to be boogerbrains and continue to vote as their more radical superiors bid. My uncle is an elected government official. He’s widely considered to be the most idiotic MAN in the family, second only to Aunt Rebecca, who joined a cult and calls herself Becca’ré. He’s basically Jim Studley.

  7. It is the ultimate nightmare of the Hegelian dialectic; thesis & antithesis without synthesis. We’re caught in a death spiral recursive loop…

  8. I fully support the right to bear arms. I also support letting individuals make the choice to own a gun or not

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