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  1. I liked rugby myself, played it in germany. Good sportsmanship. spend an hour kicking the crap outa each other, than have a few beers and just B.S. for about another hour.

    • Even at my sports mad all boys schools the PE teachers only required us to ply Touch Rugby in class taking into consideration the class had to be suitable for the entire class, Full Contact Rugby was reserved for the School Teams.

      After all the point of PE was to instill the students to like physical activities so that they will choose to keep them up on their own.

  2. Now in eighth grade, I’d rather do tennis instead of soccer. Though I do jogging sometimes in my P.E. lessons during eighth grade this year, I noticed one day that when my legs were burning, my teacher told me I was healthy. Now how does someone like THEM apples?

    • I was semi-awesome at dodgeball. I was lousy at taking out opposing players, but NOBODY could hit me. It actually got so bad that the teacher would end the match if everybody on my side was eliminated except me, rather than spending the rest of the class watching me duck, dodge and laugh.

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