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  1. Quazars (Quasi Interstellar Radio Sources) do “blink” usually at a rapid pace less than one second per “beat.”

    • Yeah, but really, who thinks a clump of gas trillions of times the size of the solar system pumping out X-rays bright enough t be seen from halfway across the known universe is significant?

    • That’s pulsars you’re thinking of, spinning neutron stars emitting beams of radiation. Quasars are something different.

  2. It would be pretty significant if a star went supernova and became a blast of death and blinding light over 10,000 times brighter than our own sun. And that’s only if it doesn’t implode, then it would become a black hole.

  3. Alright, who wants to install a light show based on Millie’s suggestion in an abandoned planetarium?

    • If you can point me toward an abandoned planetarium, I’ll start collecting bulbs.

      Someone else will have to write the music, though.

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