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  1. They say that the truth hurts, but not that it’ll make you stand in poison ivy, as far as I know. Then again, when compared to many others, I could conceivably be considered a colossal idiot. Take that as you will.

      • Oh, I just thought of another more relevant flaw with that, Millie does wear shoes sometimes, usually boots when it rains or snows, but I’ve seen her go bare-pawed in both situations besides otherwise being dressed for it.

    • some, myself included, are immune too urushiol. I once helped this old lady clear the Ivy out of her garden, bare handed.. she laughed and said I was going to get a rash, I told her that I’m immune…

      well something like 2 hours later, she had brushed up against some on her elbow and I had pulled the majority, she looked at me and said “I’ll be.. I’ve never seen anyone not affected by it, I always assumed that was a myth”

      • It’s not a myth; I’m immune too. Unfortunately, not immune to nettles, which is the major “poison” plant where I now live.

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