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    • There’s a few readers I’ve noticed in the comments here that could have saved themselves the effort of typing by reading that xD

  1. I’m pretty sure they just live within easy driving distance of Seattle. Probably ot anywhere real though, since my spellchecker is unaware of the existence of the word “Harbordale.”

    • Dana said in one of her books that the North Harbordale Elementary is an amalgamation of the names of the three elementary schools she went to. Northgate, Harbor Heights and Artondale.

    • Another prompt that the story was located in/near Seattle was the strip mentioning the Space Needle earlier.

      As someone who lives in the area, I can confirm that there is a massive abundance of coffee shops in some spots in the city. It’s almost funny.

  2. As another person who lived near seattle, we had a parking lot with a grand total of 4 coffee shops. This was an in-joke between my group of friends

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