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  1. Asparagus is vegetable, which Millie hates. She cant even pay attention to her own tastes. I envy her advanced state of being distracted.

    • I have ADHD and Asperger’s, but I am on medication to help me deal with my nervous ticks. I have noticed that it doesn’t always work tho- Oh hey, vets working on hyenas.

    • I have autism. In fact, I am supposed to be doing a report on an autistic comedian for my english class right, now, but I am procrastinating by reading a web-comic!

  2. I really like the scenery on these comics if i could choose where to live i would live there…. even if there are no characters like from the comics….
    even i have an adiction to technology this is one of my goals to be happy live in a place where it has a lot of nature…..

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