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  1. If only such protesters listened to logic. I guess conservatives in washington state aren’t all inbred morons like in other places

  2. All shellfish is a sin to god….? Did any of them ever think that maybe it wasnt god, but perhaps a corrupt extremist who wrote the new testament?

    • I think it was because they didn’t really know how to properly clean and cook shellfish back then, so they wrote a law into the Bible (or, if you’re Christian, God gave them that law to write into the Bible) so people wouldn’t get sick from undercooked fish.

      It’s not relevant any more now that it’s possible to do it properly, but the really fundamentalist Christians always pick and choose which Biblical laws remain relevant even if the conditions which inspired those laws have changed.

      • So fundamentalist Christians choose witch laws to follow based on which ones are still relevant today, violently protesting against those who don’t follow all the most backwards and poorly thought out laws and ignoring ones that are a personal inconvenience for them? Soon those people will be citing the bible for everything but saying they don’t believe in god. No wonder they’re called fundamentalists, because they are total fundaments to those of us who look to the present instead of obsessively living in the ancient past.

        • Not all Christians are this way, thank Heavens. The way people cite he Bible today is often by horribly misusing and misinterpreting its message.

  3. And thus begins what is possibly my favorite little arc in the comic. Well, technically it began a few strips back, but I absolutely love Llewellyn’s “anti-protest” signs.

  4. The argument is this: “You say one Leviticus scripture applies. You don’t apply this one. Thus, you need to say either both or neither applies, or you’re a hypocrite.” And that’s a perfectly valid argument. Therefore, I’ll go on a limb and say that I apply none of the Old Testament. Thus, I need to come up with a New Testament Scripture that denounces gay marriage. Here are a few: Romans 1:26,27, Revelation 22:15, Matthew 19:4, 1 Corinthians 6:9-11, Jude 1:7 (Here “strange flesh” means “flesh of the same kind”.) I know it seems stupid to leave a comment like this on a comic site, but I couldn’t stand seeing Christians painted as illogical hypocrites.

    • Indeed. Christians aren’t held to the old law (law of Moses in the Old Testament), and Jesus expressly rescinded the food laws (Mark 7:19), but the prohibition against homosexual behavior was reinforced (Romans 1:26-27). It’s not illogical or hypocritical to protest homosexual behavior while eating shrimp.

    • Except “strange flesh” can also mean “of a different kind” as the human body is known to reject transplants and transfusions because it doesn’t match. Those pregnant with male fetuses have a higher chance of miscarriage on all future pregnancies due to the body recognizing the fetus as “different”. Does that mean that the opposite is true and that having sex with the other sex is bad? And that’s only with the “strange flesh” interpretation, and a bunch more problems arise when you consider things like intersex births (1 in 100, about as common as being red-headed) or what “normal” is.
      If someone has a different idea of what is normal, who are you to say that what they do is a sin? What is a sin, anyway? Something God doesn’t like? Even when it causes no harm? Because that’s an arbitrary assignment and you can pretend that what you don’t like is what God doesn’t like. What about when someone’s definition of “God” differs? If your argument relies on the assumption of existence of a supernatural being that supposedly wants the best for humans specifically, while also subjecting is to torture both temporary and permanent, it’s probably a bad argument.

    • And yet you follow the teachings of an “Apostle” that basically did and said the opposite of Jesus.

      Doing anything based on what Paul demanded is basically saying “Jesus was dumb.”

  5. If I remember right, the exact words Levicticus 18:22 uses are “strange flesh.” It can be interpreted to mean flesh unlike your own. And what flesh could be stranger then flesh from a part you don’t have.

    Stopping that from going past being suggestive isn’t as big a stretch as you might think.

  6. Respectfully, there are lots of well-established reasons and criteria to properly interpret Old Testament Law, particularly the relevance of each particular commandment (like the two quoted above) to people outside the Old Covenant (that is, most everyone) and in the New Covenant (that is, Christians). Many don’t bother to look into it though.

    Besides, on this particular topic, Scripture witness against homosexual practice is broad and well-documented and doesn’t stand or fall on any one particular verse anyway.

    Most respectable Christian apologetics sites and literature on the topic should offer thorough commentary, if anybody be interested to look into it, hopefully with an objective enough lens regarding the sociocultural context of Scripture and related factors.


  7. I wonder how many people complaining that the Bible justifies their anti-gay prejudice enjoy crabs and lobster, clams and scallops and shrimp? How many do you suppose have tattoos? After all, if they read Leviticus 18:22 then they must have read 11:10 first? And if they made it to 18:22, then surely they made it to 19:28- The part that says any seafood that doesn’t have fins and scales is abomination, & the part about how tattoos are forbidden.

  8. Hi, Christian here, I just thought I’d mention a few things. Basically, god does not necessarily hate gay people, he hates the sin they are engaging in, in a similar way that a parent may hate the fact that their child is becoming a drug addict. Secondly, the reason eating shellfish and other animals that were labelled unclean in the old testament, is considered acceptable now, is in Acts (Acts 10:9-16) Peter receives a vision telling him to get up and eat from a blanket of ‘unclean’ animals, God then tells him not to consider anything unclean, that God has made clean.

  9. Christianity and interpretation of the bible aside;
    it does kinda suck, living in a predominately christian country, coming from a christian family, and slowly arriving at the conclusion that you are either gay or transsexual.
    I mean, I’ve always felt a little uncomfortable with being a male, and as of the past couple years, I’ve been slowly realising that I’m not really attracted to females, and that I don’t really like what I see when I stare into a mirror.
    But I don’t know if I’ll be able to even talk about it with my family, or for that matter, anyone else, because I know that it’d be very unlikely for me to be understood, and the sort of social stigma – I just don’t know if I’d be capable to live with it.
    And neither do I know if I’ll ever try to do anything about my sex, because it’s expensive, I’ve been told that the results are often a little disappointing, and, honestly, I’d be probably even lousier as a woman than as a man. And hey, who would I be without feeling at odds with myself all the time!

    Maybe this entire comment isn’t really about christianity and more about my weaknesses, sorry about that I guess

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