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    • WBC wasn’t the first anti-gay protesting church, and they still aren’t the only ones by any means. They just have the gall to protest at funerals.

      • The WBC were founded in the 50s, but they didn’t start protesting funerals until relatively recently, but, rather ironically, their hate has united the rest of the civilized world in hatred against them & everything they stand for.

  1. Uh, breath fire, immortal, and fly? Not to mention wealth and possessed of magic powers and weird artifacts? Remember? I detect plausibility problems here. Dragons would be more likely to be the oppressor then the oppressed in any universe where the other species were not a match for their power. 😛

    • Clearly, a dragon got an D for starting a dragon-suppression conspiracy.
      “It was funny for the first three years. then it got old.”

    • Dragons are not the only reptiles, the power and wealth probably minimized their personal oppression in the face of general reptile opposition. They probably funded the reptile-rights movement

  2. Homosexuality is not a choice first of all, a study at the university of Harverd shows that its actually a chemical imbalance in the brain that causes one to prefer the same gender, an imbalance they are BORN with.

    • I’ve seen no evidence of any study about this. Nor does it really have any relevance to the comic itself.

      Nobody really knows the root cause of being gay. And the people who ARE gay usually don’t care. It’s who they are, whether it’s because of brain-chemicals or choices or a little bit of both or even neither.

      • Little down the river of time and we can offer this http://www. bbc. co. uk/programmes/b00cr1ht

        John Barrowman the making of me

        Fascinating stuff. In short, chemically or structurally some people are born with the other sexes brain. Sort of a cerebral hermaphrodite if you will.

        Which does nothing to excuse, justify or explain the prejudice against them. “Normal“ people making the words of people that make them uncomfortable but do know harm miserable – which of those is truly objectionable?

  3. The “God’s Plan” angle always irked me. How do you know what God planned, buster? Were you on the committee? Did God ask for your help editing the blueprints?

  4. It burns me up when anyone says, “God hates gays.” God doesn’t hate anyone. He declares homosexuality unnatural and a sin, yes, but He loves everyone. He wants to see all people come to repentance and live their lives to the fullest

    • Maybe they were a little more serious about the “equal” part of “separate but equal”. Even in the real history of the Jim Crow era, the differences between “white” and “colored” facilities varied considerably. Sometimes there were large, notable differences, but in other cases people mostly seemed to just be going through the motions.

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