11 comments for “Ozy And Millie: Rain

  1. Suddenly the word ‘naked’ feels awkward to me in this comic, as it feels like a completely different kettle of fish in their universe, devoid of cultural stigma.

    I like their universe.

  2. i like how many of the characters get “naked” specially millie and everyone else is ok with it…
    i think clothes its a fashion thing in this world than having decency in the streets….
    well at the end they are animals so clothes aren’t mandatory …..
    and i just realized that no adult was seen naked here except Llewellyn.. who doesn’t surprise me at all…

  3. About a year ago, Rick Griffin (creator of Housepets) came up with the idea of an adult furry webcomic where he played with the tropes of half-dressed and not-dressed-at-all anthropomorphic animals, like in classic cartoons where the use of clothes for funny animals, is totally optional, but here, the animals’ anatomy is full and detailed. Also, their society seems to be one of total sexual freedom (everybody is bi). The main character is a kangaroo that becomes aware of all this and starts experimenting a weird psychological state that in their world has been identified and named as “shame”.

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