9 comments for “Ozy and Millie: Batman’s driver’s license

  1. he gets off with a “precausion” for the “special service” he gives the officer…
    (it involves taking off his pants =3=)b )

  2. Well, considering that his vehicle is normally powered by a jet turbine and the police want him arrested for vigilantism in most continuities… I’m inclined to agree that he does not pull over for speeding.

    • Traffic laws are clearly not a high priority; most versions of the Batmobile don’t even have turn signals.

  3. I got my dad an old serial collection of “Batman And Robin” (before the Adam West tv show) dvds and watched it with him. The mini movies were so low budgeted, Batman didn’t have his own car. At one time Vicky Vale was able to pull Batman over and ask him “Does Bruce Wayne know you’re driving his car?” To which Batman replied “Why, yes. Yes, he does.”

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