14 comments for “Ozy And Millie: Ancient wisdom

  1. I would have simply said what Winston Churchill said:

    “A man of my limited means cannot be expected to have a hairstyle…get on and cut it.”

  2. Ozy…let me tell you when I first became interesting in…hair! I’ve always loved hair, it’s soft touch it’s tempts me to dare. I say to you I do love hair. And it makes me feel…naaaauuughty!

  3. The first time he was shaved bald since the strips redesign. And so to show off the new version of bald Ozy, we get a reflection of his back.

  4. Do you ‘spose I could have the shearings? I weave, and nearly any animal’s fur can be spun (I have a floor runner woven from culm {cow}). I don’t (yet) spin but for Ozy’s fur I’d learn how!

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