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  1. I only let a few people cut my hair , every time my dad takes me get my haircut however I end up looking like I’m in the Marines.

  2. We had a great joke in our house. Mom was cutting Dad’s hair, I was cutting Mom’s, and mine was down to the waist because I knew where the pattern ended…

    • Mine hasn’t been cut (not even trimmed, I take good enough care of it so it doesn’t have split ends) for 56 years. Never made it down to my waist, sigh —

        • Terminally uneven is all (now pushing the 59th year). I part it on the right and brush it back behind my ears on both sides, which means that the front hair just to the left of the part has further to go to get to “the end” and is significantly longer than the front hair just to the right of the part. I don’t understand why that is but it’s been true ever since it reached steady state.

          • Ah. No individual hair on my head is older than 7-10 years. Hair all over the body is constantly growing; what determines the difference in length between, for example, head hair and eyelashes is both the rates of growth and the average lifetime (time between beginning to grow and falling out). Decades ago I had an eyelash hair that failed to fall out on cue; it got to about twice as long as the rest then fell out of its own accord when I wasn’t looking.

  3. I presume that in this universe, the Taco Bell chihuahua is a person, who probably wears stereotypical Mexican garb, i.e. a pancho and a huge sombrero, rather like how some German beers use the image of a Bavarian fellow in lederhösen and an alpine cap with an edelweiss stuck in the band.
    Olé, as it were.

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