6 comments for “Ozy and Millie: Poetry night

  1. Lemme put it this way:

    ”O freddled gruntbuggly thy micturations are to me

    As plured gabbleblochits on a lurgid bee.

    Groop, I implore thee my foonting turlingdromes.

    And hooptiously drangle me with crinkly bindlewurdles,

    Or I will rend thee in the gobberwarts with my blurlecruncheon.

    See if I don’t!”

  2. “As captious clams, that from the idle view,
    When solitary drays bedew the shore,
    Flinch and retract, then, summoning anew
    Their tattered pinions, rashly rise before
    The crowing gale, e’en so the scatheful Scone,
    His glimpse unglancing and his falchion free,
    Beshrewed the shirelings, and in turgid tone
    Tolled to them, crumpled by the crawling sea…”

    – The _Appaloosiad_, Book IV, canto 32 7@=Q

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