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  1. Fortunately, the excusing of bad behavior by the athletically gifted seems to be waning as per the WV HS football rape case and the scandals regarding performance enhancing drugs. I could see Jeremy eventually getting his comeuppance.

    • it’s partly because there’s less- not none, but less- cases of college-level athletes being given easy grades to ensure they stay eligible- they prefer athletes who actually are also academically gifted.

      In some ways, I actually prefer the UK system, where higher education isn’t an inherent part of athlete recruitment (that is, while pro teams presumably do scout uni teams- and achievements by a uni team are often a point of pride- it’s neither the primary source of new athletes (pro teams often have a youth training program for that, with it’s own youth team.) nor is it considered any more important than any other club the uni has.

  2. From what I hear,because scholastic endeavors aren’t as easy for some students as others, many schools only give awards for athletic and extra-curricular things like music. I am a college graduate, 98 lbs, and a year and a half after graduating was using a cane because of a neurological condition that wouldn’t be diagnosed properly until I was 21. I will say, one of the last times I had to do the mile, the kid who’d finished who was copying my gait when I “ran” the quarter lap (walked a quarter, did whatever you’d call my gait for speed a quarter) was a mainstreamed kid with an actual intellectual disability. That was when I realized there was more than being just out of shape. Sad, but at least I was left alone (best I can say really)

    • Athletic endeavors aren’t as easy for some students as others, schools may learn one day that awarding for excellence in all areas may cause some to strive harder and achieve more.

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