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  1. A girl two years older than me once swallowed a coin and had to go to the hospital, it was really idiotic. I understand Tim doing it though, he’s 4 and pence aren’t that big, but the girl older than me swallowed a 2 Euro coin.

  2. A dime is fairly tiny, and a nickel and two pennies are only slightly larger. Those are the four pieces of currency I’m presuming were devoured, here, since O&M mostly takes place in the U.S. (if I recall correctly), and since it would be harder to swallow a larger number of coins of a smaller denomination all at once.

  3. I once swallowed one of my baby teeth. My parents told me the tooth fairy found it in the toilet.

  4. They drive to Idaho later to where the dragons have a meeting place yes, US. Jokes don’t work for Canada. Coins usually pass but the usually do scans just to be sure they’re moving and not stuck and creating a blockage

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