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  1. Oh come on, Stephan. This is 2000, the year the first well-known NT-based Windows version was released. About a year later XP came out, two years later that was fairly solid and only getting better (for the most part — removing features should be illegal).

    Vista was a bit crap, but that was mostly because manufacturers were slapping Vista on under-specced PCs and Microsoft’s insistence on implementing a new driver model in the stupidest way possible: all at once. It should have been slowly integrated with XP. Still, part manufacturers managed to get their act together in time for seven, and the was great.

    And now eight is still the same great core as seven, but the UI is questionable at best. Still, there are ways around that.

    I’m a die-hard Linux user by the way. Slackware FTW.

    • It was also only a copuble of months before Windows ME was released, is opinions on Windows as a home user is more than justified 8)

  2. It seems like the Illuminati never actually do anything but put their symbol all over everything and hope to drive conspiracy theorists crazy.

  3. Yes: Broccoli is the Root of All Evil! 7X=E
    (Notice how they’re putting it into *everything* these days?)

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