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  1. Just because something is particular doesn’t mean that it will stop being real at any point. Besides, nothing is unnameable, I can give a name to anything, whether I understand it or not.

    • And how exactly would you stick a label on an unnamed phenomenon if you do not understand what you are applying it to? You’d be speaking a word, but, with no defined scope, it would not be a name.

      • I would be attaching a word to it that can be used to identify the thing, which is the minimum requirements for being a name.

        • The problem is, you can’t attach names to things, only ideas. All things change over time, which means that if you understand nothing about the thing you name, the name will be gone if the thing changes shape or even if you just look at it from another direction, because you will not recognize that it is in fact the same thing.

    • I’m not sure, but I think I’ve read something like that in Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, or Alice Through The looking Glass And What She Found There,

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