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  1. Oh, if you think it was bad in 2000…

    LOL is now officially an English word. It’s in the Oxford English Dictionary and everything.

  2. Yeah just few months ago, cursive is no longer going to be taught in school..we are going backwards D:

    • Yeah just few months ago, schools have decided to no longer teach cursive.
      We are going backwards D: **
      oops for double post :/

      • Forgiven.

        It’s the stupidest thing ever, but I actually had to retake third grade because the first time I went through, the teacher neglected to teach me cursive. Seriously, they go on and on about how knowing cursive is a skill that will help you for the rest of your life, and how not knowing it will ruin you in some unexplained way. Now the only cursive I know is my signature. It’s just like various bits of advanced algebra.

        • Pretty much the only time I’ve used cursive writing in the last twenty years is to write checks. And since checks are barely a thing anymore, I typically write exactly one a month. Frankly, the semester of typing I took in high school has proven far more valuable.
          Cursive writing only became popular due to changes in writing technology. Technology has long since moved on, so dropping such a questionably valuable skill from the curriculum is hardly a harbinger of the apocalypse.

  3. I know that this strip is meant to riff on those who fail to use the English language properly, but do none of you wonder how Millie’s mom is able to type with paws. Trying to visualize how she is able to work a keyboard well enough to make a living as a lawyer is driving me nuts.

  4. Once again, Michael Bywater:

    “Perhaps neither joined-up thinking nor joined-up policies can emerge until they are formulated in joined-up writing: not the infinitely correctable digital pokings of the word processor, but the preconsidered writing of pen-and-ink,in which a sentence must first be cast in the mind, then recast, and finally committed to the page…”

    • Thank goodness for erasable pencils!

      Yes, I take the point and agree with it, but for one prone to making tiny errors in writing doing it in ink ends up just too messy.

  5. Yes, like the old joke about “Eat your food! Think about all the starving children in India!”

    “You can send my food to them then!”

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