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  1. ah! you dont think it will but i can tell you a story 🙂 when i was little i was making english pancakes and i threw one into the air and it stuck to the ceiling and me being little i didnt want to get into trouble so i said nothing. then 2 days later i heard my mum yelling for me to come into the kitchen and when i got in their it had randomly fell down onto her in the middle of her cooking. it was hillarious XD

  2. When I was small, I threw a little sticky ball (from those sticky/stretchy hand things) 10 feet up a wall inside my house. It stayed for 2 or 3 years before it finally fell off.

  3. that which goes up and does not achieve escape velocity and leave Earth’s gravity or get stuck in or on something, held by friction, suction, or adhesion, must come down. Sometimes after it’s dried out enough for the suction to fail.

  4. I don’t think myself or anyone in my family has ever gotten anything stuck to the ceiling, but it was either me or my brother who got a hula-hoop stuck in the tree in our backyard. Despite numerous attempts to get it down, we never have, and now the tree has grown around it(though we do still try occasionally; mostly me, to be honest). I wonder if anyone else will ever know the wonder of that stuck hula-hoop.

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