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    • amway was a chain door to door distribution company. sold mostly small stuff I believe. before my time. for more info, try google.com.

      • They’re one of the original multi-level marketing “pyramid schemes.” They’re still in business, as far as I know.

        • Indeed they are. They make a lot of things, ranging from cosmetics, lotions, cleaners, toothpaste, and water/air filters. They’re a big brand name in Asia, not so much the US, though that’s where they originate. Nice employees. Just a different business model.

  1. Why am I feeling a pattern of humor being sacrificed for political commentary? Ah well. The story continues.

  2. That wouldn’t work on me. No matter who it is, you’re perfectly safe as long as you don’t agree to anything they say.

    • Attacking Jehovah’s Witnesses might be viewed as bigotry. Using Amway has the same effect without being insulting.

  3. Ain’t gonna work in the field no more
    Gonna be Amway distributor
    Ain’t gonna work in the field no more
    Gonna be Amway distributor

    I’m gonna buy me a condo
    I’m gonna buy me a Cuisinart
    Get the wall-to-wall carpeting
    Get the wallet full of credit cards, woah-oh!
    I’m gonna buy me a condo
    Never have to mow the lawn
    I’m gonna buy me a t-shirt with the alligator on

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