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  1. You are all making me feel as old as Llewellyn-I was 45 when this was published-old enough to be a grandfather to all of you young whippersnappers! Definitely gives a different perception of the intent of the strips when you know exactly what Dana is referring to-way to radical to be published in many papers-although similar in view to Walt Kelly’s Pogo and a few others that managed sly digs at the establishment.

    • Walt Kelly’s digs were “sly?” Dude was about as subtle as a greeting card delivered via cruise missile! But still one of the greats; we can see some of his influence in Ms. Simpson’s work, I believe.

  2. My grandmother used to be a secretary in Charles Shultz building. She once mistook him for a garbage man, and he never let her forget it.

  3. A couple weeks before my 42nd (March 5).
    In 1970 there was a partial solar eclipse in Maple Heights two days after my 12th (it was the one memorialized in the lyric “flew your Learjet to Nova Scotia to see a total eclipse of the sun”). My birthday cake that year featured the spectacle.

  4. I think we all, on some subconscious level, want to hear Millie’s impression of Elvis sucking helium.

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