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    • I’d have to disagree with you there. There’s definitely a drop in social maturity during puberty but I think people level off a bit more mature than 12. It just takes an average of 20 more years.

  1. the brain finishes developing at 22 or so, making it possible to analyze the results of choices- that last area developed is crucial in that. So is the choice to use it, and the choice on how much information you choose to use when using the skill.

    • that is, more accurately, the ability to really understand that what you’re doing now will lead to x happening later. It’s the part of the brain that tells us what the credit card interest on the purchase will do, or not studying, etc. And it exists before 22, just not fully developed, so do not use that as the reason you’re not studying. You know doing a bit each night is better already. It’s just that the message isn’t as clear or precise as it is when an adult uses their heads

  2. When I was in my 30’s, I realized that I didn’t label myself as “adult” yet, so I put some thought into why not. Turned out that I still had the definition of “adult” to be “my parents’ current age,” and since both were still alive back then I wasn’t going to catch up any time soon! So I worked out a more useful definition.

    • I am currently in my 30s, and still don’t feel like I’m an adult. I don’t think it’s my definition of adult that’s at fault, though, as I do consider other people in their 30s, and even late 20s, as adults. It’s actually quite a strange disconnect every time I realize that I consider someone younger than myself an adult without question, but still often think of myself as a kid. Then I interact with actual kids and see that I’m clearly not one any more, so what am I?

      • I don’t think we become adult (or as adult as each of us can) all in one go, any more than we learn to make the best decisions all at once (see bailey’s comments above); there are many aspects. And one of them is the ability to acknowledge that those younger than ourselves may in fact be more advanced (in anything) than we are. So, llari, in that aspect you were already “adult” July 1, 2017!

        Personally, I find these very drawn out discussions to be much more fun than the rapid bit-with-no-thought current via many media. Thank you, Dana and Orv!

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