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  1. Well, Llewellyn is obviously not American. After all, he has a welsh name and what is implied to be an upper class British accent, both of which raise questions as to why anyone would let him adopt a fox as his son.

    “Hey, dad, your friends are here. Say, why are they all on horseback?”

    • He is very American! He seems to have immigrated legally and is living here as an upstanding…if eccentric…citizen. The majority of Americans can trace their roots somewhere else, so place of birth has nothing to do with it.

      • You can be the citizen of any nation and have any ethnic name you like. France once had a culture minister named Jack Lang (not his whole name of course).

  2. Being as Joe McCarthy drove a… what? A ’52 Cadillac? That’d be one heckuva lunch!

    “Crispy Caddy, on a stick,
    Coupe or fastback, take yer pick!”

    … I’m…. I’m sorry…

    • A Cadillac in that era was also a premium car akin to a Mercedes, not the cheap glamour car it would later become.

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