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      • He was eventually disbarred for professional misconduct, and is suspected of misconduct in Reagan’s election- and also was responsible for banning all homosexuals from Federal employment (signed by Ike under his recommendation) because he believed they were in a conspiracy to provide the Soviets with information. While dodging rumors that he was himself (he died of AIDS, though that proves nothing). His professional misconduct included attempting to get a signature on a will making himself beneficiary. See Wikipedia…

      • Yet that doesn’t mean they had no rights- particularly to due process. IIRC, the House Un-American Activities Committee gave you two options: be deemed a communist, or claim someone else is a communist. it was a classic witch-hunt.

        Also, technically McCarthy and Cohen persecuted every single homosexual person in America- by getting them banned from getting jobs within the Federal Government on the grounds that homosexuality automatically made you a spy.

        • People believed in those days that homosexuals were pedophiles as well. Of course, it turns out that pedophiles can have wives and children as well.

          One very damaging spy, Robert Hanssen, was also guilty of having sex with his wife while having a friend of his watch them without her knowledge or consent.

  1. …Huh. So in this universe, McCarthy’s a tiger? I’d have thought he’d be something more fitting, like a weasel. Or a toad.

    • Some people point out what strip was published on the day of their birth, and others say it makes them feel old.
      Your comment makes me feel young.

    • I was nine in 1953 so wasn’t paying attention to cosmetics yet, but spray cosmetics certainly were common by the time I was so they may have been available back then too.

  2. I’m pretty sure hair spray was not around that early; or if it was, males were not using it. Brylcreem, or “that greasy kid stuff” was more prevalent. 7@=e

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