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  1. Wait, how do you make references to real world figures like Joseph McCarthy or Sigmund Freud in a world of Anthropomorphic Animals? Due these guys exist in this world as animals too?

  2. Little historical inaccuracy, HUAC and McCarthy had nothing to do with one and other. Not to mention, McCarthy only pointed fingers he never actually really brought anyone to trial (and the one time he did, he failed completely!)

  3. Also…I would just like to point out, one, McCarthy never went after regular joes, he went after members of the state department, and two…many of his accusations later turned out to be true.

    • He also went after people in the entertainment industry. He probably would have eventually moved on to regular joes.

      • Regular Joes? Probably not. Besides, look at all the bad things people in the entertainment industry DID get away with for many years, such as Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby.

        BTW, I read a book about Elia Kazan and the reason he testified against his former friends was not because he was a super patriot, but because he had a lifelong fear of poverty even when he was wealthy, and he wanted to save his career. But he never regretted what he had done.

    • Merely rumors of it, just as there were rumors of recordings of songs such as “Stairway To Heaven” supposedly containing Satanic messages if you played them backwards decades ago,

      Now, however, there is a hysteria over clowns being evil to children, which is probably why MacDonald’s had to withdraw the Ronald MacDonald character.

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