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        • correct fare gets you to the fair, traveling as one or with your band. According to the transit system it’s the principle of the thing, though they groan when they see the principal (though they are grown, his rants make them groan). They’d like to see him banned, would rather have that young ewe and her clones. One driver said when he got off they felt they’d won. You will be glad, I’m making myself stop now

        • I was young an naive then, and have learned how to fare well in the world, even despite unfair conditions.

          However, using the term fare in such a manner in elementary school would likely not have helped, regardless of spelling.

  1. One of my friends never went to school without his bootknife. He never had to use it, but the fact stands.

      • Speaking of which, This strip also shows that the uniform policy doesnt have a clause that makes wearing shoes against the dress code. (There could be a very slight chance that it might be considered reasonable) Unless Jeremy is getting special treatment again.

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