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    • Think they’re talking about going from transparency projectors and whiteboards if they’re saying chalk is “retro”. Believe me, I graduated high school in ’97. Whiteboards were new and most things I saw projected from a computer… were in a computer lab, not a classroom. They started doing it in my college classrooms in the 7 years I was there. Common computer use by profs by my graduation but you rarely saw a student take their laptops to class. And our phones needed us to push the number keys the right number of times to get letters when we texted too, and not everyone had one. Dad was a professor at the time so was moving through the tech with me from the other side (yes, same college) so I was very aware of the changes. We ancient ones (my dragon-loving father and the rest of us who’ve sneezed from eraser dust) now end our lecture…

  1. New technology at my school in the 70s was a projector. Teacher stopped on one frame and just kept talking. It changed colors, then a few white spots appeared, grew, merged…suddenly he tried forwarding the tape and it broke.

  2. There were no uniforms when I went to school, besides gym uniforms, but there were dress codes, such as what you could not wear.

  3. Through out my time at school it started from using transparent projectors and CRTs with tapes to camera projectors that showed whatever they put underneath it at 5 frames per second to whatever they wanted on their laptops. Elementary, Middle, and High School summed up.

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