Ozy And Millie: The race for the nomination

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  5 comments for “Ozy And Millie: The race for the nomination

  1. On the bright side, if he’s more attentive now, he’ll be even more attentive when he gets to voting age.

    • I hope so- he’s got a good strong heart from how he bounces back from his brother’s put-downs. Depends on how much a certain bull who spouts same interferes with his desire to seek knowledge when he reaches elementary school. Being faced with an idiot of an authority figure who can’t be talked into making sense bya lawyer’s practiced arguments, an individual with centuries of experience on his side (Llewellan) or a person who has studied abnormal behavior and its treatment (the poor school- is it psychologist or psychiatrist?- whose name I won’t try to type), without a strong parent at home saying “you are alright kid and what they’re doing is what’s nuts”… can wear kids down. Convince you that authority is authority, it won’t change, other than the names, and there’s little use trying.

  2. I think the punchline has nothing to do with attention so much that Timulty is too young to have any concept about how the government or elections work.

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