Ozy And Millie: Copyright infringement

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      • Over 3 is a collection, think I had 5 of children’s music, though John Denver and the Muppets’ Christmas album is now on CD and copied onto my personal computer.

        “now bring us some figgy pudding…”
        Miss Piggy: “Piggy pudding?”
        Scooter: “Figgy pudding. It’s made with figs”
        MP: “oh”
        S: “And bacon”
        MP: “WHAT!”
        (by which time the rest have gotten to)
        and bring some right here”

  1. has anyone read those mattress tags? They’ve always said “except by the consumer” after the “do not remove”. I believe I can also make myself mixed CDs for myself of music I own to my heart’s content (thus iTunes allowing me to burn a playlist to CD).

    • Originally, the “except by consumer” bit wasn’t tacked on there until people started losing it over what was really just nothing. Then production companies caught on and added the small extra piece of information.

      The only reason that message is there is so that retailers don’t attempt to remove the tag in order to falsely market the item.

    • strictly speaking you can’t, but provided you are only doing it to create mix cds for your own use then nobody generally cares.

  2. AS weird Al yankovic once sang,

    “Don’t take away money, from artists just like me.
    How else can I afford another solid gold humvee?
    And diamond studded swimming pools,
    these things don’t grow on trees,
    so all I ask is everybody please,
    Dont download this song!”

    • Well, to be honest I also sometimes do that – mostly because I never bothered to upgrade my car audio…
      I hope this becomes cool in another five years or so

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