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  1. It wouldn’t have been hype if nothing had been done to keep it from happening. Even so Some spook sats did go out for 4 hours. (CIA, NSA, DOD—who knows?)

    • Pretty certain it would still have just been hype. 2000 is in the same number of bits as 1999. 2048 is the next time we could possibly need to worry.

      • It had nothing to do with the number of bits. Computer operating systems were just set up to keep track of dates using only the last two digits at the time. So if it hadn’t been fixed, computers would have incorrectly reported the year as 1900 rather than 2000. As you may imagine, this could cause severe issues with all sorts of infrastructure.

        Unfortunately, this issue was so badly overhyped that people actually did build “Y2K bunkers” and hoarded supplies and such, even though most of the important computer systems (i.e. the Stock Exchange, credit card machines, ATMs, etc. had already been fixed to use all four digits by mid-1999. I think they had issues with some slot machines and credit card readers that were fixed a day or two after New Year’s, but other than that, the transition from 1999 to 2000 was smooth.

        • The Number of bits matter, how you both have a point.

          the Y2K only mattered to IBM clones which stored the last digets of the date in it’s bio and some programs. However the the Y2K problem had been fixed in all but the lowest prioty home computers by 1995 [early for the system that handled accouting]

          but the really critical stuff uses a Unix based dating counts how many seconds it been since 1970 in a signed 32-bit integer, which run out on January 19, 2038 so wasn’t an issue in 2000. [and yes they been working alternative and fix it well befer 2038 comes

          • Pretty much all unix kernels nowadays use a 64-bit integer to store the time value in. We’re now slated to be good up until well after the projected heat death of the universe.

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