8 comments for “Ozy and Millie: The upside

  1. Sadly, this is not true. You can still tell, and kids like her simply continue as they always have.

  2. Ya, our school has always worn uniform and we still have cliques and the popular group and the geek/dorks (i happen to be in that group, and quiet happy if i do say so myself) but we’re not mean to each other. The fights usually happen within the cliques rather than different cliques fighting with each other (though we did have that once)

  3. Hairstyle, makeup, accessories, whether you’ve got the right pens and the right notebook covers and the right backpacks… people can get plenty creative at finding ways to maintain the hierarchy.

  4. Uniforms actually work to some extent. I was not popular, but I had friends who were really very popular. One of them told me that he liked the uniforms simply because he didn’t have a lot of clothing choices. But nobody even knew. On dress down days he always wore his uniform – people forgot all the time so nobody batted an eye.

    So sure, they don’t eliminate cliques. But they DO even out some of the unfair differences between people, creating a more equal playing field. Also, when you’re in a uniform behavior improves. Dressing nicely improves behavior – this is an observed fact.

  5. Fecicia wasn’t that much more fashionable than Millie to begin with. So how did she decide in the first place?

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