11 comments for “Ozy and Millie: Being honest with your child

  1. I’ve seen worse. No not really. Just look at the sexy school girls in uniform in so much manga and anime.

      • Not quite, but from what I’ve seen of teen schoolgirls the only reason they aren’t is fear of punishment. Hell, I’ve heard some discuss sewing to bring the hemline up.

        • I went to a high school that had a uniform code. ( Though they dropped it after my sophomore year. )

          The girls may have looked like dweebs at school…but they always had the hottest party and weekend outfits, ( coz of the extra money they saved not having to buy school clothes. )

  2. And inevitably, kids of Felicia’s ilk end up somehow looking fantastic in the uniforms. The rest of us…well, see above. Everyone still knows who’s “cool” and who’s not; similar clothing changes nothing.

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