Ozy and Millie: Sly political maneuvering

The original artwork for this strip is available for purchase. See the original artwork information page for more information.
Notes: White-out correction and taped-in dialog correction in the first panel.
There’s also an unpublished alternate version of this strip, drawn in an earlier style.

  14 comments for “Ozy and Millie: Sly political maneuvering

  1. She says ‘parents’, plural. I guess at this point Millie having a single parent hadn’t quite materialized.

    the evolution of a long-running comic like this, from it’s first few story arcs to the end of the comic’s run, can be a fascinating thing to go back and observe.

  2. I may be little late on this, and pulling a recon and currently undeveloped plot thing…but Millie only has one parent

  3. Much like the skull of a newborn infant, the canon of any work of fiction is soft and malleable at the onset. In time, it will harden into the shape it will hold for the rest of it’s life, at which point things like ‘continuity’ and ’cause and effect’ will actually start to apply to the story.

    • Now I am curious to know why you seem to be going through this comic writing criticism and commentary on it.

  4. …and your nit-picky comments ruin it for us noobs that just started reading this strip. Anything else I should Know?

    • I remember… And I wish I could forget… Living where I did, the sign-off for the local stations was at midnight, after the nightly movie… That night it was :AETN PRESENTS – ALFRED HITCHCOCK’S THE BIRDS. We had six stations, and I didn’t catch another sign-off for three years, after The CLIFFORD Movie on channel 13… ( I was 5 at the time of the… incident. And to this day, I would STILL rather watch Clifford…)

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