11 comments for “Ozy and Millie: Solutions

  1. That is the kind that aid, abet and support bullies. Remember Columbine? The principal was that kind of Bully in charge.

    • Those kids also murdered 13 people, but they also had some serious problems clearly. But that was 10 years before this, though. How could so little change?

  2. The Principal will probably get a school named after him when he retires. Embrace the bureaucracy it will nurture you and you will not have to spend any time thinking.

  3. What’s so unnormal about Ozy? Sure, he’s not very popular but he’s kind, polite, smart, creative, and funny. Oh, and he has awesome fashion sense

  4. I remember the song when I was a kid:
    “Glory, glory hallelujah!
    Teacher hit me with a ruler!
    I waited by the door with a loaded .44,
    And the teacher don’t teach no more!”
    Ironically modern teachers aren’t supposed to hit kids…and NOW we have kids shooting up schools! Never heard of that when I was young.

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