11 comments for “Ozy and Millie: Ozy’s family situation

    • He remembered what happened last time he forgot to mention it to someone. He doesn’t want another misunderstanding.

  1. She is one to talk, considering the preposterous creatures of her homland. I bet she never goes to dance parties due to always leaping sideways into others when she gets carried away by the beat.

  2. The mention of the couch does seem random and out of place. Llewellyn said he collects all sorts of magical furnature- it also showed the periodic and the occasional tables. The importance of the couch (or the occupant of the couch) has not been revealed yet.

    He should have told the therapist that he comes from a long line of magical dragons, and the family business of creating conspiracies. She would love that.

  3. Wait a minute. I thought Llewellyn said he was a Welsh dragon. I realize the Welsh are also Celtic, but, hey, let’s be factually correct here. LOL.

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