9 comments for “Ozy and Millie: The wearing of pants

  1. Hay he does it as do others and there is no law so freedom, Anarchy, personal choice—–and no one gives it a second thought.

  2. It was when I was 9 and had a teacher angry at me for “reading and using words beyond your level” that I first learned that when a school official says that you’re not in any trouble you should translate it from eduspeak as “You are in very big trouble but we hope to get you to incriminate yourself by pretending otherwise!”. 😛

    • More like “we can’t actually punish you for anything unless you incriminate yourself so we’re going to pretend we don’t want to punish you until you give us a good reason to.”

    • I have never understood why you would be angry at a child for reading beyond their “grade level.” It’s absurd. That kind of skill should be praised

      • The only thing some teachers hate more than doing their job is letting anyone else do it. Or as Jethro Tull put it, “Doggies in the manger turn last suppers into feasts!”

  3. if just wearing black was the sign of a potentially disturbed child, why didn’t i get called to the psychiatrist’s office every other day in high school? i was WAY weirder than just wearing black and avoiding people! I DEMAND FAIR AND EQUAL TREATMENT!

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