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      • Hey, Darth Maul was pretty cool. It was only scenes with Anakin or Jar-Jar that sucked.

        Unfortunately, that was most of them.

        (And the pod race, while extraneous, was pretty fun to watch as a kid, and spawned a really fun video game.)

        • Frankly, even Anakin was ok and his existence was necessary as a demonstration of how the dark side works to corrupt good intentions.
          There was no excuse for Jar-Jar, though.

    • Didn’t Jesse Ventura become governor of Minnesota under that party label, and it was big news at the time?

      Of course, he proved to be so stupid and ill regarded he didn’t bother running for reelection.

  1. I was too young to go out T/T until I was 7 (my mother was very protective) and that year I was so excited I got sick. When I was 8 I wore a cat mask and went with my cousins. At 9 I wore a marsh monster mask and went with my best friend from school.
    When I was 10 my mother died on Halloween and I never went T/T again.

  2. OMG I didn’t realize that was Ozy in the Darth Maul costume until literally just now!
    Also, I must say, Millie looks pretty bad*ss in that costume.

  3. Regardless of how strong i try…i Can NOT imagine ozy saying “hey i want to go as Darth maul to Halloween” sooo how the heck did he end up in that costume? would have been an interesting side Story.
    my guess is….lost a bet?

  4. Well, I never went out T/T. No idea what I missed to be honest, I guess that’s one of the “perks” of never really having had any group of close friends at an age when it would have been appropriate for me.

    Heh, though Millie’s costume really fits her. If her career as a Space Fairy Ninja Something fails, she can always fall back to an extortionist/mafia hench-vixen

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