19 comments for “Ozy And Millie: The Hayes Code

  1. That question led to a pregnant pause… and that thought to the simple truth that a lot of words not used then have nothing to do with the words they put in today.

    • I read that the name for the confectionary fudge came from what was said when somebody tried to prepare a different type of confection and it failed miserably.

  2. I still remember the M*A*S*H episode about The Moon Is Blue. The whole camp was wildly excited about seeing this wild and scandalous movie, only to discover it was actually incredibly tame.
    Father Mulcahy: “Well, they did say ‘virgin’.”
    Hawkeye: “Only because everybody was!”

    • I remember my freshman year at college where my roommate was excited to go see the movie “Porky’s”. He came back madder than the proverbial wet hen. It was simply about college boys dealing with a dumb sheriff.

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