Ozy And Millie: Thinking too much about it

The original artwork for this comic is available for purchase.

Notes: White-out corrections in panel 1.

  26 comments for “Ozy And Millie: Thinking too much about it

  1. I always wondered this- with the additional question, that if not, are the colors in the same order and just moved, or are they in some random order? In other words, would it be like if you took a color wheel and rotated it, or would they be scattered randomly?
    And maybe we all have the same favorite color, just under different names.

    • If we do, then it’s totally the “scattered” answer. I mean, my favorite color is black, and you can’t get that with any amount of wheel rotation.

      • You are probably right because my favorite color is gold (Tis the most majestic, unicorny color), and that is just metallic dark yellow.

  2. Well, I would have thought that it was different shades of the same color everyone sees. You know, one person would think “forest green” and if someone else saw like them, they would think “light green”.

  3. This is one of the few instances of a thought that has nothing in common with my thoughts.

    Instead, I wonder: what would it be like if I could see all the colors a cat’s eyes can see?

    Someday, I will have that surgery.

  4. Does it help the random scatter theory at all that I think Barney the dinosaur looks pink? My color scheme seems to put that pretty close to purple.

    Also, why limit it to colors, why not other senses as well? Do we experience sound differently, or smells?

  5. our brains decide how to interpret the signal, so logically it could be different (long hours of thought, psych minor, interest in neuroscience…)

    • No. We like certain colors based on our previous experiences. My favorite color has changed several times during my life, and in addition I can’t stand one of my previous favorites anymore.

  6. In reality, the green tree just absorbs all light colours except the green. So, we don’t see the tree’s colour but just what he reflects.

  7. So, fun fact: our eye color does effect how we see colors slightly. I have heterochromea, which means I’ve two different colored eyes. One is blue, and sees cool colors more vibrant, and the hazel one sees browns as more vibrant.

  8. I used to daydream about what the insides of other people’s heads looked like. Now I actually know and it’s a lot grosser than the computer interface I was imagining.

  9. Fun fact: most people have three types of cones in their eyes, but some, mostly women, have a fourth type. This lets them distinguish far more individual colors than a typical person.

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