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    • It’s highly likely that she isn’t a descendent of Percival, and is instead from a different branch of the family, or isn’t, genetically speaking, part of the family at all. She could be Ozy’s cousin because a family member of her’s married one of Llewellyn’s relatives, thus making her a cousin by marriage.

      The so-called “Dragon Family” could very well actually be several different families that frequently intermarry with one another. Like British nobility or Appalachian rednecks, the family tree could be recursive rather than branching. Kind of like how Frodo Baggins was his own cousin THREE TIMES OVER.

      • Well Isolde is a fourth cousin, which is four times as distant so the not a descendant theory seems probable.

      • By that logic, should Ozy be okay than, since well he is adopted, not really genetically part of the biological family tree, to be affect by the curse..

    • I calculated it, and Percieval is Ozy’s great-great-grandparent.
      cousins share grandparents in common
      2nd cousins share great-grandparents in common
      3rd cousins share great-great-grandparents in common

      in other words, Isolde is at most descended from a sibling of Perceval, since she is a 4th cousin of Ozy, not the guy himself- as such, if it IS a Gypsy Curse, she would be unaffected.

  1. Plus the fact that Ozy is adopted and not a direct descendant of Percival, I should think that would be unfair of the gypsy to link it to him that way.

    • A curse like that is an attack upon the victim’s family so it would make sense that those who are adapted count. Truthfully, I wouldn’t feel there was a lot of fairness in the matter if I were a genetic descendant singled out like that either but if the person laying down the curse were interested in fairness he wouldn’t be laying down a curse in the first place. 😛

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